Detours are secret levels that are found in the main game. The level has RT instead of HWY before it's number and is viewed from the side and the player can only input a middle lane beat. Edit

Statue directions Edit

Each area has a level containing 2 tall giraffe statutes, and to unlock them, you must hit 8 beats in only certain lanes depending on which way the statues are facing (it doesn't matter if the beat you are supposed to hit is facing the wrong way). A bar should appear filling up after each correct beat. It will disappear if a wrong beat is inputted.

If the statues are:

Facing right: Right Lane

Facing left: Left Lane

Kissing: Middle Lane

Crossing Necks: Middle Lane

Facing Opposite Directions: Right then Left Lane repeating

Facing Up: Unknown
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The giraffe statues are seen facing right in the level Lantern Loop.


(Credit to Krmal )

The 8 Detour levels and the levels containing giraffe statues for them are:

Desert Divide RT 124 (Holding Hollow HWY 102)

Forgotten Forest RT 23 (Treetrunk Trove HWY 202)

Festival Flats RT 34(Lantern Loop HOWY 302 )

Pleasant Plains RT 45 (Harvesting Heights HWY 402)

Machine Mountain RT 56 (Digging Divide HWY 502)
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The level Machine Mountain

Concrete Core RT 67 (Billboard Boulevard HWY 602)

Caution Cliff RT 78 (Sailor's Speedway HWY 702 )

Heavens Hall RT 823 (Sky High Flyby HWY 802)


-It is possible to play Detour levels in Expedition Mode, and if the player has not completed them yet, they can be added to Perfectionist mode. This is the best strategy for unlocking all Detour levels.

-It is not required to play the Detour levels to unlock the "Seen It All" achievement.

-Pleasant Plains uses the song from the splash screen for the Studio Bean logo.

-The levels with giraffe statues are always the second one of a world.

-The route numbers of the detour levels follow a pattern with the exception of Desert Divide and Heavens Hall, which are outliers.

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